About Me

I'm British and from the lovely county of Sussex, where we go up the downs and through the twitten.

My favourite drink is tea, I've never grown out of eating Pot Noodles and I love to create, whether that's photography, painting, drawing, sewing, or making things. I post various DIYs at my other blog, Unfortunately Oh!, so do take a look if you're interested in tutorials for fashion, jewellery, and random other things!

About Doing A Thing

I started this blog because I don’t Go Out and Do Stuff very often.

There are several reasons:
  • I’m an introvert. I prefer chilling out at home to going out partying.
  • I live in a village with poor transport links. I can’t drive because…
  • I have epilepsy. Thankfully it’s under control but it makes me feel very restricted! (I could write a lot on this subject, but I want to keep this brief)
  • I am deaf in one ear. This makes it difficult to hear people in loud environments; at times people have thought I was being rude or standoffish if I didn’t hear them or asked them to repeat several times. These days, I have to explain my deafness to people. If I had a pound for each time I’d done that, I’d be rich ;) 
  • I have anxiety and unexpected, unpredictable bouts of depression (which are usually linked to the anxiety). These often go hand in hand to put me off even doing the things I want to do.
  • Money. Doing Things tends to Cost Money.
Anyway. The point is, I decided that 2014 would be my Year of Doing.
Then I started writing a 101/1001 list and decided to scrap the Year part and just Do.
Then I decided to scrap the /1001 part because by the start of 2016 I still hadn't come up with 101 goals
Hopefully, starting this blog will help me to focus and stay motivated, and give me a place to write about my experiences and findings.
List items include Things To Do At Home and Things To Do Outside
I’m choosing things that will:
  • Expand my Horizons
  • Broaden my Knowledge
  • Improve my Health
  • Challenge my Creativity
  • Challenge my Self
  • Be fun!

I've not finished the list yet.

Sometimes goals will be removed if they turn out to be unfeasible, unachievable, or simply that I'm not interested in them anymore.

Importantly: I’m not doing this to try and stop being an introvert. I value my introversion and it’s a big part of who I am.  I simply want to do a little more outside what I usually do.

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