Thursday, 25 May 2017

George Egg: Anarchist Cook

Yesterday evening, a friend and I went to the Brighton Fringe show, George Egg: Anarchist Cook Part Two: Second Helpings, in which stand-up comedian George Egg combines cookery and DIY...

In this hilarious show, George Egg demonstrates several unconventional and unexpected methods of cooking, some of which may make you think, 'It shouldn't work, but it does!' (And some of which may make you think '...I need a wallpaper stripper...')

In this hour-long show, he singlehandedly cooks breakfast, lunch, and dinner, interwoven with amusing anecdotes and advice on food acquisition, and a spot of poetry.

All in all it was a really funny and entertaining show! I haven't written much about it here because it's still running at Brighton Fringe, and he'll be performing it under the title, George Egg: DIY Cook at Edinburgh Fringe later in the year. And spoilers suck. So just take my word for it that it's worth going to! You will leave craving steak and a trip to your local B&Q.

George Egg: Anarchist Cook Part Two 'Second Helpings' is on again at Brighton Fringe on 28th and 29th May, and is a good and random show. Thoroughly enjoyed it (even if it did give me a craving for steak)

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

The Life Rooms

After throwing pots on Sunday, my sister let me drag her along to the University of Brighton Gallery, which is currently home to the Cathie Pilkington exhibition, The Life Rooms.

Monday, 22 May 2017

A Cellar Full of Clay

You may remember that last year, sister #1 and I painted pottery skulls for my birthday.

This year, for her birthday, we went to The Painting Pottery Cafe and learnt to throw pots!

They have potters wheels set up in their bright and airy cellar, and after a demonstration of how to make a basic pot, we were able to take it in turns to make our own! My sister and I were in the second group to have a go, and were joking to each other that our pots were going to look terrible because we'd never done this before.

As it happened, my pot turned out pretty well!
My sister managed to damage hers, but the instructor was quick to fix things so she could continue, and her pot ended up looking really cute--she made the top into a heart shape! It looks like really expensive, and hasn't even been fired yet!

The workshop was well-taught, instructions were easy to follow, and the staff were friendly and helpful (and endlessly patient, considering they're going through the same procedure with novices hundreds of times this month!)

The Painting Pottery Cafe are running 50 minute long classes throughout Brighton Fringe, though have taster classes throughout the year, too. If you're local to Brighton, it's worth checking them out if you're looking for a fun and new thing to try.

We had fun with this workshop, and can't wait to collect our pots once they've been fired!

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Silent Disco and Serenading Diners

Yesterday, a friend and I embarked on a silent disco walking tour, a Brighton Fringe event run by the most excellently lycra-clad discophile, Guru Dudu.

The tour sounded suitably ridiculous for my tastes, so I was eager to get tickets and find out what it was all about!

As it turns out, it's about making a complete tit of yourself in the middle of a crowded city, and having a ton of fun in the meanwhile--all whilst listening to some funky tunes.

Armed with headphones and after a quick 'happy yoga' session, we were off through the streets of Brighton, ocassionally stopping for a mini danceathon, or to serenade unwitting diners at outside restaurants with a rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody, or casual evening picnickers (who sang back, and were possibly a little squiffy).

It also involved frolicking through the Pavilion Gardens to the sound of the Kate Bush classic, Wuthering Heights, stalking through the streets to Everybody (Backstreet's Back) and a fashion parade to I'm Too Sexy.

Of course, no disco is complete without some Abba, which led to the playing of Voulez-Vous and lots of pointing and exclaiming, "Ah-ha!" at random passers by.

Part walking tour, part disco, part flash mob, this was one of the most fun and ridiculous things I've done in a long time! Though I'm naturally a shy, introverted and socially awkward person, it was impossible not to get into the swing of things when there are a good 30-40 other people also making utter tits of themselves, all in the name of disco!

100% Would Do Again.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Moulettes @ Brighton Spiegeltent

Brighton Fringe Festival always brings some great events, and this year that included a gig by the band Moulettes, which I went to yesterday with a friend.
I saw this talented bunch of people at Hurst Festival back in 2015, and was impressed then, so it was good to have the chance to see another of their performances.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Wilde at the Warren

On Saturday, a friend and I went to see Box Tale Soup's production of Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray, which is one of the shows I've booked to see at this year's Brighton Fringe.

Performed at the fringe pop-up site, 'The Warren', this performance had more puppets than it did human actors!

I did wonder what it might be like, since that there were so many puppets, but it turned out to be thoroughly engaging, incorporating some aspects of dance/physical theatre, and of course those dry, witty quips that Wilde was known for.
The set and costuming was simple but effective, the puppets looked neat and the actors were on good form--two of the cast played several different parts, including the voicing of the puppets, and it was easy to distinguish the different characters.

It might be easy to pass off a play involving puppets as being 'something for kids' but this certainly wasn't.
This was the first time I've seen a performance of this story, and it's been a while since I read the book. The play was not only a good memory-refresher, but really enjoyable!

I'd recommend going to see it, but in my slow-poke manner I've ended up posting here after their performances of it are finished--but they are back with a performance of The Wind in the Willows in June (which is more child-friendly).

Monday, 1 May 2017

April Roundup & 365

A Spot of Tea (110/365)
After three months of not doing much (seriously, why is everything closed during the beginning of the year?!) I actually got out of the house a little more during April.

Very little more.

Still, I have things to write about in this roundup that go beyond rambling about April's 365 Project photos.

As with March, unfortunately some of my plans this month had to be postponed or cancelled, which seems like a fact of life at the moment!
However, I'll catch up with people soon enough.

Despite the cancelled plans, I had some fun this month, both with activities and with photography!

So without further waffling, here's how my April went...