Thursday, 21 April 2016

Traditional and Contemporary

It's Thursday!
Here's the new music I've been listening to this week...

An artist recommended to me by my friend Sparrow, who couldn't believe they hadn't shown me any YouTube videos before!
Kitaro is a New Age musician from Japan, who has won multiple awards for his work.
His music is soothing and inspiring; being instrumental it allows for a lot of daydreaming! As Kitaro started his solo career in the late 1970s, there's a hell of a lot of music to listen to!
I really enjoyed listening to this music, and will very likely be looking it up again in the future.
Kitaro Official Website

I think I heard about this English act through Brighton Festival's programme, and figured that since they're performing there, I'd check them out.
There's an interesting quality to some of the videos I found online, but the music itself really didn't grab me. It's simply not the kind of music I enjoy. (What can I say, I tried!)
However, if you watched the above video and enjoyed it, go plug their name into YouTube. There's tonnes more.
Tindersticks Official Website

Next week's music? As always, it's as much as surprise to me as it is for readers. I continue to surf on stuff accidentally, listen to newly-recommended acts (recommend some more!) and pick at random from a list.
This is the third week in a row where I've not been so taken with one of the acts I've heard. Am I getting picky, or is this simply bad luck?!

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